2015 Blackbeard’s Pirate Jamboree schedule of events

Kevin Duffus has the real story on Blackbeard.

Kevin Duffus has the real story on Blackbeard.


Join us for Blackbeard’s Pirate Jamboree on Ocracoke Island, NC, Oct. 30 to Nov. 1, 2015!

Please note that this schedule is subject to change, especially for weather. 

Please visit www.ocracokevillage.com for updates!

Friday, Oct. 30 – Meet the Pirates!
Join us for an evening with the pirates!

Location: Ocracoke Community Center Admission $5
Beer, wine, and refreshments available.

7-10pm: Meet The Pirates!

7:15pm: “Blackbeard: Revisited” Kevin Duffus, North Carolina’s Historian of the Year, updates on his stunning new research on the ever evolving story of Black Beard and his Crew.

7:30pm: “The Pirate Follies!”

Laugh until you cry as the Pirate Crews compete against one another with rollicking skits, stories, and tall tales. You get to be the judge as there can only be one winner!

9:00 pm: The Motley Tones: Rollicking Good Music and Fun

The Motley Tones

The Motley Tones

Your piracy education continues with the Motley Tones. Hailing from the famous sea port of Raleigh, they have no shortage of seafaring and piracy songs from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s. Well, the 1760s, 1770s and 1780s. Their harmonious renditions of songs of love, and travel and the sea will help set the mood for the fabulous weekend of piracy ahead. Don’t be shy—you will want to sing and laugh along. And if not, in the true spirit of piracy, they are sure to insist on it!

Saturday, Oct. 31 10 am-5 pm– A whole day and night of fun! Yo ho!

Daytime events are located around historic Silver Lake Harbor

Rain locations TBA

Festival Information, programs and T-Shirts at Community Square

10 amThe King’s Rangers Muster!
Location: The King’s Rangers Encampment at Wahab House Dockside

10am-5pm: The Pirate Encampment at The Berkley Manor :
See what life was really like during the 18th Century – Living history exhibits, tavern games and pirate skits. Also, one of the largest private collections of historical pirate artifacts
Location: The Pirate Encampment Berkley Manor Yard

10am-5pm: Militia Encampment — Interactive Living History exhibits: 

Authentic cooking.

Authentic cooking.

 10am-5pm: Brigands Bazaar at the Wahab House
A marketplace of seafaring fine arts, wares, hearty grub, jamboree T-shirts and the place to get your Festival Information and Maps

11am-5pm: View the Pirate Ships:
“The Meka II”, “The Ada Mae” and a Coast Guard Cutter at the NPS Docks;  “The Ranger” at the Wahab House Docks


11am : The Shadow Players
Swashbuckling excitement with the Shadow Players Stage Combat Group….Swords! Whips! Laughter! Experience up close and personal swordplay in an interactive show for the whole family!
Location: The Community Square Stage

11am-5pm: Roving 18th Century Minstrels, Pirates and Street Vendors
Just as it was in the 18th Century- you might see The Oyster Lady or the Fishmonger hawking their wares; while song breaks out down the street. Beware if you’re wearing your pirate gear – The Militia will be hunting escaped pirates!
11:30am-5pm: The Pirate Encampment Beer Garden, Sponsored by SMacNally’s:
Enjoy Good food and Libations at SMacNally’s, across from the Wahab House. There’ll be Pirates about, and don’t forget to bring your official Jamboree Mug for special savings!

11:30am : Meet Black Beard!
It’s only fair that he gets to tell his side of the story! Plus, Swordplay and Fun
Location: The Community Square Stage

Noon: “What Was Blackbeard Doing at Ocracoke?” Author and Historian, Kevin Duffus
When the notorious Blackbeard, arguably the world’s most famous pirate, was cornered and killed near Ocracoke’s Springer’s Point, he was in the company of just 20 men and the only treasure found in his possession was some sugar, cocoa, cotton, and a mysterious letter. It was late November and winter was approaching rapidly. Why was Blackbeard lingering at Ocracoke? What was he waiting for? Blackbeard historian Kevin Duffus answers these questions and more.
Location: The Community Square Stage

1pm: The Battle at Ocracoke!
At 1 pm, Saturday, see for yourself the fierce ship to ship Battle of Ocracoke that determined Black Beard’s final fate. Cannons roar as Three Ships re-create that fateful day
Location: Great Views all around Silver Lake and NPS Docks

Blackbeard fights off an attack by Lt. Robert Maynard at the 2014 Battle of Silver Lake.

Blackbeard fights off an attack by Lt. Robert Maynard at the 2014 Battle of Silver Lake.

2:30pm : Scallywag School for Kids — for aspiring Young Pirates!
A chance for your kids to channel their “inner pirate,” with 18th-century seamanship demonstrations, 18th-century games, and naval weapons and tactics. A great chance to interact with the Pirates!
Location: Pirate Encampment: Berkley Manor Yard

3pm : The Motley Tones:
Fun for the whole family! The Motley Tones will delight you with their dulcet harmonies and witty piratical humor. Sea shanties, pub songs, love songs and sailor songs—they carry out an oral historical tradition of telling stories through song up and down the East coast.
Location: The Community Square Stage

3pm: Pirate Craft Fun!
Come create fun pirate crafts on the front porch of the Ocracoke Preservation Society. Stop by for a chance to see Ocracoke Island’s rich history
Location: Ocracoke Preservation Society

3 to 5 pm Ocracoke Village Trick or Treat!
Visiting children are welcome to don their costumes and join the local young’uns for the island traditional Trick or Treat trek around the Lighthouse Road loop. And yes, it’s really that early and will be completely over by dark. Ask for more information at the Pirate Jamboree Information Tent in the Community Square.

5 pm: The Shadow Players, Sponsored by The Ocracoke Oyster Company:
Swashbuckling excitement with the Shadow Players Stage Combat Group….Swords! Whips! Laughter! Experience up close and personal swordplay in an interactive show for the whole family!’
Location: The Ocracoke Oyster Company

The Shadow Players will demonstrate sword fights on the grounds of the Ocracoke Oyster Co.

The Shadow Players will demonstrate sword fights on the grounds of the Ocracoke Oyster Co.

6-9pm: The Bawdy Beer Garden, Sponsored by The Ocracoke Oyster Company:
Relax, kick back, and enjoy some great beer and food, and be entertained by the Motley Tones and pirate friends. A vivacious and informal round-robin exchange of bawdy songs that date back hundreds of years is sure to make you blush. This show is rated “I” for “Innuendo,” which is PG-17 for you 21st-century types. So, put the little scallywags to bed first!
Location: The Ocracoke Oyster Company

Sunday, Nov. 1
10am – Noon: Springer’s Point Memorial Service for those killed in Blackbeard’s Last Battle
Join with us as the Pirate and Militia Crews march to beautiful Springer’s Point to honor those who perished on that fateful day. The Militia’s Cannons will kick off the March as we head to Springer’s Point. Please feel free to join in at any point along the route. At Springer’s Point, listen as the eulogy is read and the hymns are sung. Watch as the wreath is laid on the Sea, while the Pirate Ships fire a cannon salute from just off-shore.

Blackbeard memorial at Springer's Point.

Blackbeard memorial at Springer’s Point.

Location: Start the March at the Pirate Encampment

Noon-1:30pm: Lunch with the Pirates
Join us in closing out the Festival at a rousing lunch with the pirates. Your chance to sit down with our pirate crews and enjoy a great meal..
Location: Howard’s Pub

Chris Suttle is Blackbeard.

Chris Suttle is Blackbeard at the Pirate Lunch at Howard’s Pub

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