Photographs of the 2014 event

Pirate Fest 2014

Pirates gather for the Friday evening opening event.






Pirate Fest 2014 050

Blackbeard historian Kevin Duffus signs autographs.

Pirate Fest 2014 098

Cannons roar in the Battle of Ocracoke on Silver Lake.

Pirate Fest 2014 055

The Motley Tones lead in sing-a-longs.

Pirate Jam 2014 124

Impromptu swordplay occurs on Ocracoke streets.

Pirate Jam 2014 181

The Shadow Players demonstrate the craft of stage combat.

Pirate Jam 2014 242

Gathering for the memorial on Sunday morning.

Pirate Jam 2014 134

Pirate re-enactors prepare authentic 18-century food.

Pirate Jam 2014 141

Pirates visit Blackbeard’s Crew encampment.

Pirate Jam 2014 143

Sinbad on his “shell phone.”

Pirate Jam 2014 185

The Motley Tones sing bawdy songs in the Bawdy Beer Garden.

Pirate Jam 2014 212

“Dr. Bones” makes an appearance.

Pirate Jam 2014 230

The Sunday morning memorial for the fallen Blackbeard and his crew.

Pirate Fest 2014

Who really was Blackbeard? That was the theme of the game show event Friday evening.

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